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Kevin Cousineau, photo courtesy of Lloyd Herzinger

The Tehachapi Wind Museum (TWM) was incorporated in April of 2009 and received its 501(c)(3) non-profit status in February of 2010. TWM was born out of a desire to capture the unique history of the modern "Wind Farm" as it was developed in Tehachapi. Most important in that history is not just the "stuff" that was developed and employed in the local wind industry, nor the locally operating wind farms, but the people who made it all happen. This is a story that just had to be told!


Jim Sexton - photo couretsy of Jim Sexton

The purpose of the Museum is to give proper acknowledgment to the wind energy industry that grew up in the Tehachapi Mountains. To this end, Tehachapi Wind Museum (TWM) was conceived and incorporated because, well, it needed to happen! How could the community ignore such an obvious need? Not having a wind museum in Tehachapi would be like not having a cheese museum in Wisconsin!


Because it is the desire of TWM to capture the story of the people who made all of this wonderful history, the Mission of TWM is focused in this way . . .

“To creatively capture the story in the history of the wind energy industry . . .”

. . . by means of . . .

  • Focusing on the human element
  • Preserving the relevant artifacts


The Museum is successful to the extent that it . . .

  • Connects the community to the Museum through educational opportunities
  • Increases the public's awareness of the benefits of wind as a source of energy
  • Becomes the premier source of information about wind energy
  • Presents the information in a way that demystifies wind energy technology

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